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Piano Notebook 3

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Piano Notebook is a project created to provide various materials, resources, ideas and activities for piano teachers with elementary and intermediate level students.

Each publication will address a topic related to piano pedagogy. Depending on the topic of each notebook, different materials will be included, such as compositions, improvisations, arrangements, technical exercises, audios, card sheets, theory and rhythm.

It will all be sold in PDF format with a studio license, which will allow teachers who purchase it free and unlimited use with their own students.

Piano notebook 3. Piano au bord de l'eau

Marina Alcolea

Welcome to this world of music, mirrors and water.

My intention in uniting these three concepts is to awaken the imagination of young students. To invite them to let themselves be carried beyond the notes into an evocative world of reflections and water, with impressionistic sonorities.

The pieces in this Notebook are structurally simple, based on simple patterns, but sophisticated to the ear.

Some of the pieces explore mirror symmetry or inverted symmetry. This symmetry challenges students to gain a new perspective through which they can improve their knowledge of the piano.

This collection of pieces is designed for students from elementary to intermediate level.

Piano notebook 3 contains:

  • 12 Pieces for Piano in Impressionist Style.
  • 12 audio files.
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Piano Notebook 3 + audio files

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44 pages A4
12 audio files


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Piano Notebook 3

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